日本平からの景色。富士山(頂上)がほんの少しだけしか見えなかったのは残念でした(^^; Landscape Clouds And Sky Mountains Black And White Monochrome Light And Shadow Travel Photography There Be Dragons at Shizuoka-shi, Japan.
Taking Photos In Shizuoka-shi Picturing Individuality Relaxing Enjoying The Sun
GW初っ端に静岡に行ってきました。目当ては若冲だったけど、ロダン館も写真撮れて楽しかったです♪ Auguste Rodin Rodin Gates Of Hell Sculpture Art Appreciation Travel Photography Light And Shadow at Shizuoka Art Museum, Shizuoka-shi, Japan.
Near the center of a large city, some peace at sunset. Cityscape Phonetography Cellphone Photography Shizuoka-shi Japan Mountain Reflection Water Cloud - Sky Mountain Range Sky Lake
Back-lit late afternoon shoot in a mountainside park, on a wall surrounding a large temple bell. D7200 with Nikkor 18-200. Blackandwhite D7200 Japan Mountainside Nikkor 18-200 Shizuoka-shi Taichi Temple
おはようございます😌☀️ 今日も仕事💦 みなさん 様々な楽しい週末を😃✨☀️✨ 朝 朝空 おはよう 太陽 太陽パワー 今空 空 Sky Sunrise Shizuoka-shi
Hidden Gems Shizuoka-shi
静岡まつり Cherry Blossoms Spring Shizuoka-shi
駿府城公園 東御門櫓門 Architecture Japanese Architecture Geometric Shapes Geometry Lines Getting Inspired From My Point Of View at Shizuoka-shi, Japan.
その先には···EyeEm Japanese Garden Enjoying Life Japan Asian  Asian Eyes OpenEdit Free Open Edit Shizuoka Shizuoka-shi Fuzieda Enjoying Life Country Road
静岡県庁建物群。 Architecture Architectures Old And New Buildings Urban Landscape Travel Photography at Shizuoka-shi, Japan.
静岡まつり Cherry Blossoms Spring Shizuoka-shi
Cloud - Sky Phoneography Japan Shimizu Street Photography Shizuoka-shi Cityscape F3
Doraemon and Friends ❤ at the Park Japanese Culture Japanese Style Japanese Park Shizuoka-shi
EyeEm Selects Outdoors One Person Human Hand Close-up Shizuoka F3 Filter Nature_ Collection  Mountains Hiking, Mountains, Adventure Japan Southern Alps Pine Cones Mount Yanbushi Shizuoka-shi Shizuoka-ken
Black And White Monochrome Waiting Train Station Platform Lines Light And Shadow EyeEm Best Shots - Black + White at Shizuoka-shi, Japan.
Autumn Colors Mountain Hiking Tree And Sky Shizuoka-shi
F3 Filter Shizuoka-ken Shizuoka-shi Phoneography Cellphone Photography Outdoors Old Tree🌳 1000 year-old tree
Back-lit late afternoon shoot in a mountainside park, on a wall surrounding a large temple bell. D7200 with Nikkor 18-200. ASIA Asian Girl Blackandwhite Japan Japan Photography Martialarts Shizuoka-shi Taichi
Shizuoka-shi ドリプラ
Downtown Cityscape Nightphotography Cellphone Photography Shizuoka-shi Japan My Neighborhood
静岡市に撮りがいのあるマンホール(消火栓と仕切弁)たくさんあったので、他のもまたいつかアップします。 マンホール蓋 Manhole Lids Manhole  Manholecover Mt.Fuji Yoroi Japanese Culture On The Road at Shizuoka-shi, Japan.
静岡県庁別館展望台からの景色。 Landscape Cityscapes Sunset Clouds And Sky Sky And Clouds There Be Dragons Light And Shadow Travel Photography at Shizuoka-shi, Japan.
Japan Shizuoka-shi Boats Oyster Farming Working Since Before Sunrise Hard Working Men Ocean Sky And Water Welcome Aboard
Eyem Gallery EyeEm Best Shots Asian  Shizuoka-shi Japan OpenEdit Free Open Edit EyeEm Garden Photography Garden Spring Spring Flowers Springtime
"It will not go out of my mind that if we pass this post and lantern, either we shall find strange adventures or else some great changes of our fortunes."from Narnia  Fantasy HDR Shizuoka-shi Shizuoka Sharp Smartphone
Natural Beauty Relaxing Time In Shizuoka-shi Japan
Hello World Relaxing Enjoying Life Japan Beautiful Nature Trees Shizuoka-shi
Cellphone Photography Phoneography Afternoon Walk Shizuoka-shi Japan Black And White Photography
Nature Nightphotography Night Night Lights Relaxing Taking Photos Photo My Life Relaxing Time Relaxing Moments Landscapes Cityscapes Enjoying Life Photography Landscape_photography Hello World Japan Shizuoka-shi
Enjoying Life Country Road Japan Asian  Asian Eyes Shizuoka-shi Shizuoka OpenEdit Free Open Edit EyeEm EyeEm Best Shots Eyem Gallery
静岡駅前 Shizuoka Shizuoka-shi
久能山東照宮にも行ってきました♪ Japanese Shrine Architecture Gold Colorful Ornamental Art Architecture Details Light And Shadow Travel Photography at Shizuoka-shi, Japan.
Japan Mt.Fuji Shizuoka-shi Sunrise Ultimate Japan
Boat Look Sunrise Ocean From My Point Of View Oyster Farm Hamamatsu Shizuoka-shi Japan
駿府城公園でのベストショットがコレ♪イイ感じに撮れてお気に入り♪ Stone Stones Trees Bench In The Park Park Travel Photography EyeEm Nature Lover EyeEm Best Shots at Shizuoka-shi, Japan.
とあるファッション雑誌の広告を真似て、写真の上に写真をのせてみた。Cityscapes Mix Edit Street Photography Streetphotography Travel Photography EyeEm Best Edits at Shizuoka-shi, Japan.
JAPAN,SAKURA‼︎ RRelaxingeEnjoying LifeBBeautiful DaylLandscapesNNatural BeautyRRelaxingHHello WorldeEyemphotographypPhotoSShizuoka-shibBeauty In NaturepPhotographybBeautiful WorldlLandscape_photographyrRelaxing Moments
久能山東照宮やロダン館で撮った静岡での写真たんまりあるんでぼちぼちアップする予定です♪ Guardian Lion-dog At Shinto Shrine Guardian Lion Liondog Sculpture Japanese Art Ornamental Art Travel Photography at 久能山東照宮, Shizuoka-shi, Japan.
Japan Photography Shizuoka-shi Flower Hydrangea
KimonoStyle Kimono Japan Relaxing Taking Photos Enjoying Life Taking Photos Beautiful Day Cityscapes Photography Relaxing Time Beachphotography Landscapes Relaxing Moments Shizuoka-shi Hello World
久能山東照宮 徳川家康のお墓。Tokugawa Ieyasu Grave. Old Structures Nature Light And Shadow Travel Photography at Shizuoka-shi, Japan.
静岡浅間神社にあったマンホール。 Manhole  in Sizuoka Sengen Shrine. マンホール蓋 Manhole Lids On The Road Geometry Simplicity Textures And Surfaces at Shizuoka-shi, Japan.
Shizuoka-shi OpenEdit Cherry Trees At Evening Free Open Edit Cherry Cherry Blossoms Cherry Blossom Cherry Tree Asian  EyeEm Best Shots Spring Flowers Springtime Japan Spring Eyem Gallery EyeEm Asian Eyes Flowers
Shizuoka-shi 池田の森
Shizuoka-shi 1.1 sunrise
Hello World Relaxing Taking Photos Enjoying Life Beautiful Nature Relaxing Time Beautiful Day Japan Beautiful World Beauty In Nature Montains    EyeEm My Life Shizuoka-shi Photography Landscapes Landscape_photography
12 steps from my stairs - friendly local food Food And Drink Japanese Food Izakaya Bar Local Shops Myneighborhood Shizuoka-shi Japanese Culture Shizuoka
Railroad Track Sunset Kitsunegsaki Station Train Train Sunset_collection Rail Transportation Shizuoka-shi Japan Shizuoka F3 Filter Cityscape Cellphone Photography Phoneography
Onsen entrance Shizuoka-shi Phoneography Cellphone Photography
静岡市‼ Shizuoka-shi Relaxing Moments Relaxing Nature Photo Japan Beautiful Day Hello World Japanese Garden Relaxing Time Yellow Relax Time
Rain City Life Phoneography Cellphone Photography Shizuoka-shi Izakaya Bar Japanese Culture Street Photography Typhoon Is Coming Night Life Japan Citylights Umberella Japan Black And White Friday B&w Street Photography B&w
Shionyama Kishin Photo Exhibition Pro Photography John Lennon John And Yohko Art Appreciation Enjoying Life Enjoying Time at Shizuoka-shi, Japan.
Busking Singing and Dancing group draws a croud in the underground Plaza near Downtown Shizuoka-shi Shizuoka
マンホールでないけれど。 カワセミ Kingfisher Popart Bird On The Road Streetphotography Travel Photography at Shizuoka-shi, Japan.
F3 Filter Cellphone Photography Phoneography Typhoon Is Coming Myneighborhood Cityscape Rain Street Photography Citylights Black And White Friday B&w Street Photography B&w Shizuoka Japan Shizuoka-shi
Japan Relaxing Beautiful Day Beachphotography Hello World Relaxing Time Landscapes Photo Photography Landscape_photography Relaxing Moments Natural Beauty Shizuoka-shi
Relaxing Time Shizuoka-shi Japan
静岡まつり Cherry Blossoms Spring Shizuoka-shi
Two People Friendship Human Face Shizuoka-shi Japan B&w Black And White Friday F3 Filter
Streetphotography F3 Cityscape Shizuoka-shi Japan Photography Downtown Nightphotography
Streetphotography Shizuoka-shi Cellphone Photography Street Photography
東名静岡‼️ Japan Relaxing Time Shizuoka-shi EyeEm Photography Beautiful Day Enjoying Life Relaxing Hello World Beautiful Nature The Moment - 2015 EyeEm Awards Photo Beauty In Nature Beautiful World
久能山東照宮 Japanese Shrine Architecture Light And Shadow Darkness And Light Travel Photography at Shizuoka-shi, Japan.
静岡浅間神社 楼門 Architecture Geometric Shapes Japanese Architecture Look Up Japanese Shrine Lines Geometry From My Point Of View at Shizuoka-shi, Japan.
First Eyeem Photo Christmas Tree Urban Landscape White Shizuoka-shi Japan
Shizuoka-shi Relaxing Time Picturing Individuality Taking Photos Enjoying Life Photo
Sakura Shizuoka-shi
Crab Zugani Shizuoka-shi
富士山つながりでこれも投稿♪ 富士山 久能山東照宮 三保の松原 3揃いのマンホール。 マンホール蓋 Manhole Lids Manhole  Colorful Popart Manhole Cover at Shizuoka-shi, Japan.
日本平の展望台近くにあった仕切弁。 マンホール蓋 Manhole Lids Manhole  Soccer Soccer⚽ On The Road Popart Texture at Shizuoka-shi, Japan.
Lunch Delicious Enjoying Life Shizuoka-shi Japan
Shizunami beach 🏖 Relax Time ☺️✨ Shizuoka-shi Japan Relax Time  Relaxing Shizunami Beach Shizuoka Beach Sea Sky Cloud - Sky Real People Nature Lifestyles Beach Beauty In Nature Horizon People
ランチの後はデザートも・・・いつもありがとう。 Strawberry Sweet Shizuoka-shi 静岡市 久能海岸 Sweet Food Dessert Cake
ちょっとオシャレに・・・ランチです。 静岡市 久能海岸 Shizuoka-shi ランチ Lunch Plate Table Close-up Food And Drink