It is a pleasant feeling a little…❤ Fingers Splinter Ouch Feel Nail Pink Masochist
Now tell me who's the boss? 1000 push ups or I'll thunder punch you? Lol Sadist and the Masochist (in a good way though)
Blanco Y Negro Bdsm Sumisión Masoquista Masochist Dark Eyeem Black And White
Repost of an old post... Escapefromself Selfawareness Masochist Masochistic masochism pain bondage kinkyshit collared his bemytendersadist kitten dominated subbylittlethings badlittlemiss
もちろんM Wine Label Fetish Minimalism Masochist M
Vampire BLOODY Dripping Masochist Scary Thirsty
John Green has a good explanation about pain:))) The greater the pain, the more its worth... Masochist Saddist LOL