Johnston, SC

Taking Photos
Hate that I cut my hair :(
Nooo filter <3
Do we look alike .??
She Pretty
Secrectly In Love , Shhh ;)
Before School , No Filter
Lmao Check Out My Smile Tough
My Twin And I <3
Hanging Out
FWM On Kik
Hanging Out
Old to me ; New to you guys
Lmao #dead
Taking Photos
Just Kidding
Ahhh I miss my babies at Wagener Salley <3
True Story Bro
Love It
Ahha man I love my conversations with my best friend Andell Latouche ! He always makes my day (:
Tangled Up In Blue
Taking Photos
Hanging Out
Hanging Out
Hanging Out
I'll be your bad girl ,, ill prove it to you <3
Hanging Out
Want this from my next boyfriend <3 Awe ^.^
My Pretty Ass
#lips #love #smile #pink #cute #pretty
Butter Peacan Icecream
My mom's twin! Watcha think?
Looked my age today (: lol
I mean come on , you have this beautiful girl waiting on you to want her <3
Hanging Out
New Hair Do (:
Girls are NOT toys ... You can't just drop them when your tired .
Eyebrow Piercing
Today Was A Bad Day
Night night
Im Weird
50% Single U Still Gotta Chance
Skinny Nigga But I Do It Large Like A 3x
Before The Mall