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Reloading some MagpulPmags with some cheap ass HortersSteelCaseAmmo ... $5.99 for 20.. Oorah PewPewPew Guns gunporn
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...and this is what the whole rifle will look like tomorrow afternoon... Mancrafting Craftingformen Oorah MagpulPmags troybattlemags doityourself SpongeTechniqueCamouflage KrylonUltraflatCamouflage
First attempt at SpongeTechniqueCamouflage first coat of Sand laid down... ODgreen splashes will be added tomorrow. .. Oorah KrylonUltraflatCamouflage doityourself 45degreeRapidTransitionSights MagpulStock SimmonsMasterSeriesScope magpulPmag
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Christmas Eve with my brother. USMC. OORAH! Christmas Eve USMC Family First Big Bro Oorah
I NEED to go get some woods time in... Oorah OlympicArms556mmMFR Bullbarrel 45degreeRapidTransitionSights magpulBADlever MagpulStock SimmonsMasterSeriesScope HogueGrip magpulPmag troyprogradeslingadapter troybattlemags steelcoreNATOrounds BianchiInternationalDutyBelt BlackhawkSerpaTacticalPlatform blackhawkserpa BatUtilityBelt
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