Saint Louis Galleria

We Trippin At Du Mall
at work
After Hours
Mii Andd P.c
Me & Tagteam ! ♥♥
The place I go at least once a week lol Mall Shopping... Shopping The Mall Looking For Trouble HBIC
Traveling around with this beautiful women Stlouis Architectural Feature
omg I've been missing out lol They didnt have 5guys in my area in Cali but kinda tastes like, in n out burgers back home lmao Food EyeEm Best Shots Taking Photos Foodporn
Feeling like a Queen lol Shopping I Love Bad Bitches Thats My Fuckin Problem Instagood Model
#ROD ❤
Late upload. Up in the mall bored , taking pix while oomf was at work lol Sculpting A Perfect Body Curves Bored Hello World
Hanging Out Looking For Trouble
Time is perishable ... Cherish every second.