VBZ Bürkliplatz

Some love it others hate it! I'm loving it!!! :) This year it was time again! :) Last weekend, Zurich was transformed into a great party zone. The city organizes every three years this festival is called "Zürifäscht". Both around the lake and to the city center was celebrated for three days. At various places around were openairclubs/discos with DJ's playing cool sound, bands gave their songs on small stages for best and then there were also various attractions and shows the whole day and night to admire. And of course, three fireworks extravaganza were ignited. All this for free!!! It was for all ages something and the mood was mostly very peaceful and hilarious. In the next few days or even weeks, i'll upload some impressions of it! ;) Zürifäscht 2016 Impressions Fresh 3 Balloons Looking Up At The Sky Blau Weiss Zürich
Hanging Out
Checking In
end of photo grid