Sweeny hollow road

Finna Get Hair Done ♡♥
I Wanna Boy Bestfriend That Will Be My R..O.D Till The Very End ♡♥
New Hair Style ♡♥
Hanging Out
Couple Days Ago
I Just Be Chilling
They All Throwing Dirt On My Name . & Trying They Hardest Too Bring Me Down . But I Refuse Too Let You [B] Stop What It Is Im Doing . Yall Can Hate , Talk That [S] .. Ya Know Do What Y'all Do . Cause Ima Still Be Kaitlyn Denise Oddie ♥ & Ain't [S] About T
That's Me
Me & My Girlsss
Don't Listen Tew What People Say, They Don't Know About, About You & Me . Get It Out Your Mind Cause It's Jealousy They Don't Know ♡. -Shhhhh. . . .♥
They Say I Look Like Uh Cat !!
"Sometimes the best revenge is just a simple smile, to let them know you're doing just fine."
I love dis bish my favorite cuh
Me & My baby
She Hurt Feelings, She Break Hearts, She Stay Quite, She Play Smart, She Take Pride. #Bad ♥♡
Oweeee. ♡シ
Earlier ♡ツ
We Make A Living By What We Get. We Make A Life By What We Give.♡ツ
They Ain't Gor Nothing On Me!!
True Ishh Thoeツ. Fighting Don't Make Yew Uh Bad Girl.It Make You Look Weak Af.Grow Up,Yo Ahhh Bout 20 Something & Yall Still Fighting Guhh OHHH.Grow Tf Up. Just Walk Away It Don't Make You Uh Punk. It Make Yew Stronger♡♥ .
Go Confidently In The Direction Of Your Dreams. Live The Life You've Imagined♡ツ