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I Love My Mom❤
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this trip started with landing at las and being met by my sister only to rush to the hospital where our mom had been admitted on friday night after arriving from honolulu. her condition was pretty grave at one point but, she has since improved with new treatment and meds. taking photos after visiting hours was therapeutical in dealing with her situation and stress. after 4 days i'm now home and hopefully she'll be released to travel home soon. til' then she'll be in the capable hands of her medical team, daughter, and grandchildren, and the Lord. get well soon mom, we love you to the moon and back. 💞❤️💙💚💛 Feeling Blessed Feeling Thankful I Love My Mom❤ Feeling Tired Beautifully Organized
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I Love My Mom❤
I Love My Mom❤ Taking A Walk In This Beautiful Weather.. Last Year (:
I Love My Mom❤
An old pic that needed some touching up but my Mother has always been beautiful! Mom 1986 Mother And Son Mother I Love My Mom❤
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