West End, Hartford CT

Walking Around Nature Colors Of Autumn Clara Filter
Hanging Out
No filter. Just woods. Woods Nofilter
In the eye of the emotion. Crop  Selfie Eyes Male Man Fade Day
The sun is shining this morning! Sun Goodmorning
The Munch 😀 Shihtzu Dog Pets Pet Blackandwhite Selfie Gay Cute Adorable
Momma ain't raise no fool!
At the stop light :) theres something about the city i adore. City Car Stoplight Hartford
Underneath. Highway Car Road
The day was great! Buddy Friend Dog Cute Shihtzu Pet Pets Adorable
Bang Bang ;)
Good Morning Morning Sky Skyline Red Blue
So true
Im not Fab like JustFab, but im jist fabulous, way more than my dad. Rhyme Vintage 90s Selfie VHS
Phlebotomy Class
School Flow
Chillin Boo
Paper Plane Gang ✈
Just Put My Baby Down For A Nap :)
My Boo & I <3
Fab5..We did it!
Hanging Out
Hanging Out
Hanging Out
My Baby Brother And His Cousin
Hanging Out
Out The Shower ! Gonna Wait For My Baby To Call And Go To Sleep :)
Accomplishing my goals in life..
We Were Napping After The Movie <3 Moments To Be Remembered
the love of my life and I . 11/19/11