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@beauty_britt22 I just looked at these from that day. I'm hella weak. Autocorrect
LOL OP Funny What The...  Autocorrect Text
Text Autocorrect Funny Texts
Lol... umm what? WTF Textmessage Textfail Autocorrect fail what
What a great auto-correct! Hahaha Autocorrect Iphoneproblems
Lawd... And then this happened... Smh... Autocorrect (reuploading because I forgot to blur his number last time..)
o.O *angeli >.> Autocorrect
Smh Autocorrect Hahaha VeronicaMarsIsAReligiousExperience
Autocorrect the bottom one is what it was supposed to say.
Oh autocorrect. @kevinvalente Autocorrect
That sentence tho. Damn Autocorrect . @nandobxtch Fail LOL Messaging .
We love tit.โค๏ธ?? Haha Autocorrect Welovetit Whodoesnt oops lawl ourconvos ilovehim @vincent_luis
Thankyou , Autocorrect . @onsomesite
Lmao that's who I would marry Bane Autocorrect
When you try writing Benedict Cumberbatch using autocorrect... Every single time! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Autocorrect Fails Autocorrectfail Cumberbatch
Fast. #autocorrect Autocorrect
It originally said 'Kim smells like A$$" But autocorrect happened. Littlebrother Cute Mygoodmorning Autocorrect berrinchuda headfuck idgasf
Ducking Autocorrect Stewie
It was supposed to say " we don't have wipes and mattman shit" @buffmatt12 LMAO LOL Autocorrect
A little early for Autocorrect mistakes but then again, early bird gets the worm. @whylan
Right Stupid Autocorrect