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Managed toget thisin the crock pot. Beef Smokies with Sweet Baby Rays. Can I pull off a baked Mac n cheese? Yum Playoff Gohawks Snacks seattlechildrenshospital seattlechildrens
Media Release || LA Revilla @larevilla led the DLSU Green Archers with his stunning shooting performance earning career-high 20 points, three rebounds and three assists in tonight's playoff against the FEU Tams at MOA Arena. The Green Archers earned their first game of a virtual best-of-three series and a twice-to-beat advantage as they enter the final four matchup. Uaap76 DLSUvsFEU Basketball Playoff
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Thomas Torres added up 6 points in Green Archers' 74-69 victory over FEU Tams, Saturday at MOA Arena claiming second seed in the final four. @iamthomastorres Uaap76 Basketball DLSUvsFEU Playoff
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