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More - yes, more! - from The Twelve Apostles. #roadtripbsides Lachlanpaynetwelveapostles Roadtripbsides Greatoceanroad Lachlanpayneawesomeamazingphotosbestinstagramereverfollowmenow Payneroadtrip Twelveapostles
The Twelve Apostles. Edited with VSCO CAM and Snapseed. #payneroadtrip #roadtripbsides Twelveapostles Lachlanpaynetwelveapostles Roadtripbsides Greatoceanroad Hamiltionisland_pilgramers_contest Hamiltonisland_pilgramers_contest Payneroadtrip
This photo of Mrs. Payne looking over the Barossa Valley at sunset is one of my favourites from the #payneroadtrip. I posted a colour version when we were on the road, but I like it so much I wanted to post it again, so I magically turned it black-and-whi Paynestagram Payneroadtrip Roadtripbsides
Ok, people. What can y'all tell me about iPhone lenses? Olloclip, Photojojo etc. They are the logical next step in my development as a Master iPhoneographer and I need some buying advice. Shoot. #payneroadtrip #roadtripbsides #paynestagramâ„¢ Paynestagram Payneroadtrip Roadtripbsides
The trouble with the #desert hashtag is that there are far too many ice cream sundaes associated with it. Honestly, when will people learn to spell? Anyway, it's time to leave the coast and head back in to the desert for another sunrise. In other news, th Desert Lachlanpayneawesomeamazingphotosbestinstagramereverfollowmenow Payneroadtrip Roadtripbsides
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I've been getting Twelve Apostles withdrawal symptoms, as I'm sure you all have, so here's another from the archives. Trouble is, I can barely remember which shots I've posted before and which I haven't, as they all look pretty much the same. In any case, Payneroadtrip Lachlanpaynetwelveapostles Roadtripbsides
I took the Olloclip out for a spin last night. And I failed. So here's a shot from our recent roadtrip. I think I've posted it before, but it's #repostwednesday and this is a new edit, courtesy of VSCO CAM (now with hi-tech cropping functionality). #payne Hamiltionisland_pilgramers_contest Hamiltonisland_pilgramers_contest Repostwednesday Payneroadtrip Roadtripbsides
The trouble with the #outback tag is that half the photos associated with it are taken at the Outback Steakhouse, rather than in the Aussie outback. In other news, I edited this shot (partly) in #luminance. Nice app. I should use it more often. #roadtripb Outback Luminance Lachlanpayneawesomeamazingphotosbestinstagramereverfollowmenow Payneroadtrip Roadtripbsides
Seems like thievery is the latest thing. Photos are getting stolen, bios copied and tags jacked. Well, for the record, this is my photo and these are my tags. #payneroadtrip #roadtripbsides #lachlanpaynetwelveapostles Payneroadtrip Lachlanpaynetwelveapostles Roadtripbsides
Thanks for all the suggestions on editing apps y'all. I decided to have a go at Filterstorm (super complicated), picfx (yet to convince me) and Cross Process (cool in a crazy, random kind of way). Here's a shot of a pink church edited using Cross Process. Lachlanpayneawesomeamazingphotosbestinstagramereverfollowmenow Payneroadtrip Roadtripbsides
So it turns out that the 'thin black line' issue that bugs me (and others) so much was not Instagram's fault (I take it all back) but Snapseed's. And according to their latest update it is now fixed! So if they could now just go back through my feed and r Twelveapostles Lachlanpaynetwelveapostles Roadtripbsides Greatoceanroad Lachlanpayneawesomeamazingphotosbestinstagramereverfollowmenow Payneroadtrip
Just woke up and saw the news. Facebook has bought Instagram, a two-year-old, profitless app with just a handful of employees, for one gajillion dollars. So, without having really read any of the articles, allow me to make a few random, unconnected and mo Lachlanpayneawesomeamazingphotosbestinstagramereverfollowmenow Payneroadtrip Roadtripbsides
I reckon this week I might go back through my feed and delete all the images that no longer meet my increasingly exacting standards. I'm sure there'd have to be 50-odd. Or better yet, maybe I should delete all my photos but for the worst six or seven. The Lachlanpaynetwelveapostles Roadtripbsides Lachlanpayneawesomeamazingphotosbestinstagramereverfollowmenow Lachlanpayne25 Paynestagram Payneroadtrip