The Bird

Captain America Bearbrick : ¥7140 JPY
Collection Label Antique Variation No People Technology Clock
me++; \\
ShareTheMeal Burgers and Friends
oh hai dere at The Bird Oh Hai Dere
Sorry, dude.
Beer Time Burger Time Whataburger
Burgertime is Over
Beertime and Burgertime
Food And Drink Food Table French Fries Freshness Ready-to-eat High Angle View Unhealthy Eating Fast Food Plate Prepared Potato Indoors  Fried Serving Size No People Close-up Deep Fried  Day
I'm terrible at keeping the right drinking pace. Being Lukasz
Indoors  Old-fashioned No People Printing Press Variation Text Day
Sunday Realness Beer
Capture Berlin
we're everywhere
Kids Menu
i = i + 450g;
Crowds Last Days Of The Summer
That's what I'm talking about: be confident in your product and don't care about whiners.
Hell yeah.
When in Berlin...
Picklebacks Black & White Black And White Shots
The best in Berlin...
You can trust a restaurant when you're able to look inside the kitchen...
best burger ever!
Bacon Explosion at The Bird Bacon Explosion
no. 1 burger outside the U.S.
I discovered a new favorite hot ? sauce ☺
and a Bärenjäger to round it all off :-)
Berlin Last one for tonight
Dinner at The Bird Dinner
Pre Heart Attack
Late night snack at The Bird Late Night Snack
in my mouf at The Bird In My Mouf
Snapcat Branding
HDR TheMinimals (less Edit Juxt Photography) Stopping Time
I ❤ Beer Craft Beer
Burgers The Bronx Bomb Blognburger13
Hanging Out
Burgers The Bronx Bomb
Enjoying Life
Mealtime :-)
Did any of you have any doubt!? #blognburger5
Food Porn heaven!
Our Dinner the First day, definitely a place to be Burgers Enjoying Life Yummy Check This Out
Hanging Out
Filthy Harry
Nothing like a tasty cider on a summer evening.
Heaven is a burger. Mit gillyberlin
The doctor Burger
Roses are red. Bacon is red. Poems are hard. Bacon. Oink.
Annual Napalm Wing Eating Competition Just Kicked Off
Nom Nom Nom
So far the best cheesecake in Berlin ;)
Pool Is Ready! Come Take A Dip.
I ❤ Beer
Blasphemous Rumors
Text No People Outdoors Close-up Day
EyeEm Eye4photography  Eyeem4eva
Death by da Birdhouse - "at least try to eat it with your hands!", so I did.
At The Bird
EyeEm Toilet Logo
The miracle of burgers
Listening to Ozzy at The Bird Listening To Ozzy
BBQ mit extra Bacon und extra Käse XD
the boot at The Bird The Boot
Getting Down And Dirty Foodporn
Guacamole Burger
1000 Days Of #Soundcloud
Bronx Bomb burger with extra onions & bacon with chilli-cheese fries
Burger in a english muffin? Hell yeah!
Let them Eat Cheesecake !