It's Friday somewhere in the world. #rantfreefriday Lachlanpayneawesomeamazingphotosbestinstagramereverfollowmenow Rantfreefriday
I'm back, y'all. With a new photo. And it's #rantfreefriday. I know, right? It's like all your Christmases have come at once. Paynestagram Rantfreefriday Lachlanpayneawesomeamazingphotosbestinstagramereverfollowmenow
It's always amusing to me when I post a photo (with a 'rant') and my follower actually count goes down, not up. In any case, it's Friday here so I can't rant about it. Say hello to two ducks at dusk. #rantfreefriday #hatersgonnahate Lachlanpayneawesomeamazingphotosbestinstagramereverfollowmenow Rantfreefriday Hatersgonnahate
I'm not sure what time or day it is where you are, but it's Saturday here, #rantfreefriday is gone and the rants can begin again! I copped a lot of hate the other day (just for a change). Some of it was here, but most of it was over on Facebook, where I r Rantfreefriday Lachlanpayneawesomeamazingphotosbestinstagramereverfollowmenow
I've said some nasty things about hashtags lately. Things along the lines of them all being rubbish, with the obvious exception of the wildly popular #instabotmonday, #repostwednesday, #rantfreefriday and #lachlanpayneawesomeamazingphotosbestinstagramerev Lachlanpayneawesomeamazingphotosbestinstagramereverfollowmenow Rantfreefriday Instabotmonday Repostwednesday Lachlanpaynesydneyharbour
Hey look I posted a photo. #rantfreefriday Lachlanpayneawesomeamazingphotosbestinstagramereverfollowmenow Rantfreefriday
iPhone 4S > Snapseed > Cross Process > Image Blender > Instagram #roadtripbsides #rantfreefriday Lachlanpayneawesomeamazingphotosbestinstagramereverfollowmenow Rantfreefriday Payneroadtrip Roadtripbsides
It's Rant Free Friday! Which is a shame really, because my photos get much fewer comments when I don't rant. Oh well. Here's another sunset from last night, with the always willing Mrs. Payne as model. #rantfreefriday #hatersgonnahate Lachlanpaynesydneyharbour Lachlanpayneawesomeamazingphotosbestinstagramereverfollowmenow Lachlanpayne25 Paynestagram Rantfreefriday Hatersgonnahate
I have a question. How self important do I need to consider myself before I can create my own hashtag? Because I just love all those folks whose bio reads: "Founder #somelamehashtag." Well done, guy. You strung a few words together and put a '#' in front Somelamehashtag Lachlanpayneawesomeamazingphotosbestinstagramereverfollowmenow Paynestagram Rantfreefriday Instabotmonday
Mungo sunrise. #roadtripbsides #rantfreefriday Lachlanpayneawesomeamazingphotosbestinstagramereverfollowmenow Lachlanpayne25 Rantfreefriday Payneroadtrip Roadtripbsides
Here's a sunset y'all. #rantfreefriday #hatersgonnahate Rantfreefriday Hatersgonnahate Lachlanpayneawesomeamazingphotosbestinstagramereverfollowmenow