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Liseberg with my BFF's ❤️ Liseberg Bff❤ BFFFS
we cuteee :* BFFFS
Some people go a lifetime without finding a true best friend... but I am so lucky to call these three women my best friends... we have seriously been through pretty much everything life could throw at you... but there is no judgement... no prejudice... no doubt! We were three very different teenagers who grew into three very different women... but that's what makes us so much alike... the fact that embrace each other's difference and love through our faults! I could go on and on bc I'm the mushy one but I'll stop where I am... y'all get it! WE ♥ EACH OTHER, and they are the 3 best frands that anyone could have!!! Mybestiesarewayhotterthanyours SeenItAll BeenThroughItAll Lovethroughitall Wevebeenwaitingallourlivesforsistertohaveababy Iprayedhard Prayersanswered LoveMyGirls BFFFS Sistersfromothermisters