Blanco Fashions

aiming for a body like this! fuark
squats for days!
i jam out to Taylor Swift when I workout. don't judge me.
bane lol this guy was funny AF '
coco my ferret and I<3(:
Calvin Harris killed it last night!
me and this guy were beasting lmao!
all my team we made last night at Calvin lol our team got fucking down!
for those who don't believe I'm going to the raves
welcome to planet fitness -___- can't wait till I transfer to anytime fitness fuark
shredded for days!
for those girls that want that perfect butt, SQUAT !!
My Sunday from sonic<3(:
andrea and I during 2nd period(:
Not Just Because It Burns  It Means Your Gna Die!! Motivated Good Ass Workout Today :)