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My awesome Okamiden Collection : Chibiterasu , Preorder Buddhaboard , and Preorderbonus brush stylus for Nintendo 3DS . Missing from pic: original Okami for Ps2 , best Videogame  ever. CAPCOM Plushies Sony Toycollector Toycollection Gamergirl
This is one of my first figures ive ever gotten ill cherish this with my life,got this when i had nothing.My favorite street fighter ChunLi Streetfighter CAPCOM Videogames Favoritelady Fightinggames Figurelife Figurecollection Collector Collecting SF4 Oldfigure Manchild
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Omg! Who completed this album! I was missing about 10 stickers 😢 Throwbackthursday  Oldschool Collection Collectable CAPCOM Streetfighter Ryu Stickers Classic Superstreetfighter Album Stickeralbum Gutted Gaming Game Sega Nintendo Games Consoles
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My husband and I got some more new games! We got #marvelvscapcom3 (with the collector case), #darksouls, #dragonageorgins, #dragonage2, and a horror game I've been itching to try... #catherine. I'm stoaked! I had an awful day at work and #gamer #retailthe Gamerhaul Shopping Gaming Gamer Videogames Xbox360 Catherine Haul CAPCOM Darksouls Wtfgo Marvelvscapcom3 Dragonage2 Gamingcouple Geekgamerz
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Victory!... @megamanX Snes Nintendo Videogames CAPCOM retrogeek
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Ich war ja schon immer ein Freund anspruchsvoller Lektüre. #capcom CAPCOM
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#puzzlefighter of course! Chibi Gameboy Igersnintendo CAPCOM Wtfgamersonly Gameboyadvance Wtfgo Gameboyadvancesp Ninstagram Pinkgameboy Puzzlefighterturbo
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Chaos Legion... The thirteen year old in me approves. Classicgaming CAPCOM Dmc Anime Gaming PCGaming Gamedev Gamedesign Games Classics
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I'm Megaman X mada fakas!... Videogames Snes Nintendo CAPCOM megamanX retrogeek
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Một buổi chiều vô vị ngồi ôn lại chút tuổi thơ. Xong tự nhiều chuyện của một quá khứ xa xôi lại ùa về. Vui có. Buồn có. Ngây ngô. Ngu dại. Hồn nhiên. Vô ưu. Sống trên đời 20 năm rồi chứ ít gì. Hai mươi rồi. Vậy mà chả khôn thêm được tí nào. P/s: game này chỉ nhỏ hơn mình có 1 tuổi thôi đó. Trầy trật mấy tiếng đồng hồ chưa về nước được. :))))) ________________ Childhood Memories Flashback Nostalgia 20 Rockmanx4 Megamanx4 CAPCOM
This is so funny... Even more since I just made it. Ahahaha Funny CAPCOM Megaman Otaku