This is a unedited photo taken from my new phone some 2 weeks back and it's really good! Windowsphone8 Nokia  NokiaLumia920 Pureview Instance
Black And White The Minimals (less Edit Juxt Photography) Windowsphone8 Juxt WPPhoto
Bigger beats, better HTC sound. :-) #Beats #HTC #HTC8X #WindowsPhone8 BEATS HTC Windowsphone8 Htc8x Windowsphone8 Juxt WPPhoto
Equalizer in Windowsphone8 NokiaLumia920 Music
Good Night! 🏨💙 Follow F4F Followme Tagram Tflers Followforfollow Follow4follow TeamFollowBack Followher  Followbackteam Followhim Followall Followalways Followback Me Love Pleasefollow Follows Follower Following Shiba Shibainu Shibamania Lumia920 Windowsphone8
ISO 100 EV 0 Shutter Speed unknown. Really impressive low light performance! NokiaLumia920 Windowsphone8 Pureview Lowlight Lumia920 ISO100
WP8 Windowsphone Windowsphone8
My Lumia. Lumia535 Microsoft Windowsphone8 .1
I love Windowsphone8 .1 it just purely awesome Nokia  Lumia1520 Tiles Metrostyle
Deviceshot Windowsphone Windowsphone8 Winphan wpphoto lumia1320
Windows Phone Start screen Cortana Windowsphone8 Smartphoneart
ISO 800 with the bloody haze ._. below average and almost unusable. But hey, its a phone! NokiaLumia920 ISO800 Lumia920 Windowsphone8
Lumia920 Windowsphone Windowsphone8 .1 今更な感じですがWindowsPhone OS 8.1のアップデート来た〜?? って…日本国内でWindowsPhone持ってる人何人いるんでしょう…?ほぼ暗号みたいなもんだ…。
Muito melhor que Ios7 . Sou muito mais Windowsphone8 . É o que acho né.
To curtindo isso muito NokiaLumia Nokiatividade Windowsphone8
One fact lasts forever, the best stuff is still arriving in white boxes! ;-) #HTC #WindowsPhone8 #HTC8X HTC Windowsphone8 Htc8x
Nokia  Lumia625 Windowsphone8 4.7"
Nokia  Lumia625 Windowsphone8 WP8 4G 4.7"
Nokia  Lumia625 Windowsphone8 WP8 4G 4.7"
regram @dgcsg Next monday or tuesday is the wait finally over ! Who's excited and can't wait? ? Windowsphone8 .1 DeveloperPreview FinalBuild Update Excitement
Симулятор Windowsphone8 на Nokia  Lumia800
Nokia  Lumia625 Windowsphone8 WP8 4G 4.7"
Beats, beats, baby. #HTC #Beats #HTC8X #WindowsPhone8 BEATS HTC Windowsphone8 Htc8x
The HTC 8X front cam is great, for all kind of fun. :-) #HTC #HTC8X #WindowsPhone8 HTC Windowsphone8 Htc8x
Metroui WP8 Windowsphone8 Nokia  lumia1020
The beauty and the lake. #HTC #HTC8X #WindowsPhone8 HTC Windowsphone8 Htc8x
Nokia  Lumia625 Windowsphone8 4g 4.7"