Our rides Ride Bike I9003 India pulsar
From the eyes of a photographer I9003 Photography Coconut Tree india goa
Sea Headphones Bluetooth I9003 beach
Night Photpgraphy Goa I9003 rays
Early morning tea I9003 India Tea Morning
For when our natural lenses fail :-P Lense Specs I9003 India goa
A drive In the forest ... I9003 Forest Photography Drive getz prime
Man's best friend :-) Dog People I9003
Nice Road :-) Goa I9003
Sky I9003 India Goa evening
Nature I9003
My dumbbells :-D Dumbbell Workout I9003 India photography
Lifes a journey.. I9003 India Goa Pulsar 220
Enjoying this delicious meal :-D I9003 Pav bahji Mumbai Photography
I9003 Food
Time.. Wish i could pause the best moments,fastforward the bad moments and just rewind the sweet moments of life.... Time I9003 India Photography quites evening life
Lifes a journey.. And i found my ride :-) I9003 Pulsar Ride Bike passion india photography
The best of all the lays :-) Chips Food I9003 India delicious
4 to 16 gig upgrade for my galaxy sl :-) I9003 Memory Card Class4 transcend
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