This afternoon in Manhattan, still the same great view from the meeting room terrace. Freqs
Time to relax... ? HTC Freqs Mwc15 Travelingbcn
Today's view from the meeting room. Also not too bad! ? Newyork Manhattan HTC Freqs
Meeting room with a view! Freqs
Good morning London, good morning UK. Time to prepare for Frequencies day 2. #Freqs Freqs
Manhattan, here I am! Newyorknewyork Freqs
Oh, I just found this @HTC RE photo on my phone. Says it all, time to leave NYC. Thank you all for a fantastic time here. Freqs WillBeBack
horst in the forest part II Sun Festival EyeEm Nature Lover Forest Floor Lalalima-primaklima Shining EyeEm Gallery Eyemphotography Nice FrEaKs Freqs Nature Goa Sunrise Psytrance Mushrooms EyeEm Shot The Fan Club Feel The Moment Psychedelic Hi-tech
Big Ben says it's getting time to dress-up for the Frequencies by HTC come together. Let the geek games, with information, thoughts sharing and good fun start! #HTC #Freqs HTC Freqs
EyeEm Selects horst in the forest EyeEm Gallery Festival Shot EyeEm Nature Lover Forest Floor Dancer FrEaKs Mushrooms Goa Freqs Sunrise The Fan Club Feel The Moment Psytrance Psychedelic People Photo Photography Music Lalalima-primaklima
Can you guess where I'm? ? Travelingbcn HTC Freqs
Because I was asked what I'm doing in Seattle. Well, I'm here at HTC for the "Frequencies" conference. #HTC #Freqs HTC Freqs
Starting into a long day with the 2nd coffee. #CoffeeTweet #Freqs Coffeetweet Freqs
Good morning world, good morning SF. Jet laged in San Francisco. How I hate it but at least I'm not the only #Freqs. Freqs
Time to change hotels/apartments. Travelingbcn Freqs Mwc15 Rimowa Timbuk2
Time to close day two of Frequencies . ;-) Freqs Beertweet Fernprost ?
Soft Museum Chain Pimping Junglist Freqs 505
Our dinner location of tonight. Somewhere behind the platform. Travelingbcn Freqs
BREAKING (NOT): @HTC has given free wearables w/o batteries to the Freqs folks. Purpose of the wristband stays unknown. Maybe the press event later will explain! ;-)
That's a proper check-in. Thanks @htc for having use here for another Frequencies by HTC! HTC Freqs Mwc15
Sometimes you simply have to go public! #Freqs Freqs
Here we go, up in the air again. Now let's hope the FlyNet will work as well. See you in New York or before. #Freqs Freqs
Going Gold! One of only 5 original 18ct Gold HTC One. #Freqs #GoldFreqs Freqs Goldfreqs
Approaching Barcelona for Freqs and Mwc15 . Lufthansa Barcelona EndlessSummer
Yesterday night in London. #Freqs Freqs
And boarding. Ready to go. Barcelona here I come. Freqs Mwc15 Flyingbcn Lufthansa
Ready to start into day two of Frequencies by HTC. #Freqs Freqs
And boarding! #UpInTheAir #FlyingLHR #Freqs Upintheair Freqs Flyinglhr
Dinner time with the #Freqs. Freqs
Greetings from Westminster. #TavelingLondon HTC Freqs Tavelinglondon
And boarding. Heading home after spending a great week with HTC & #Freqs folks. #UpInTheAir #FlyingMUC #TGIF Tgif Upintheair Freqs Flyingmuc
Here I'm in SF for HTC's annual Frequencies conference. Let's go and show us the good stuff! #Freqs Freqs
I love places with free refill. #CoffeeTweet #Freqs Coffeetweet Freqs
Time to pack the bag for SFO. #Frequencies #Freqs #Möbius #UpInTheAir #FlyingSFO Upintheair Freqs Flyingsfo Frequencies Möbius
Finally a happy end. Made it to a Lufthansa_DE flight to NYC. Frequencies by HTC, here I come! #Freqs Freqs
Giving Frequencies a visit. Peter Chou, CEO of HTC, and me. #Freqs #QuietlyBrilliant Freqs Quietlybrilliant
Preparing for #Freqs IV by HTC and cutting the roaming charges by supporting the local LTE carrier. Freqs