Somewhere Downton

Everyone was wearing white w. red tennies today (;
Rotc uniform ready for tomorrow c;
i might return for my senior year ! ;3
Cookies That My Babe Brought Me<3
dolly domination & suki sensation ((':
Red Hair ! <3
New Bag ;3
my poster came out really crappy! :/
i saw my future puppy today & i just HAD to take a picture ;3
So today was the day we completed a month together, we went out to play basketball after a game. we were shooting hoops when all of a sudden he takes the ball away from me & tells me he has a gift. i was expecting like a love note or something , but NO, h
My Wallpaper
he took a picture of me sleeping ! ;o <3<3<3
Today (;
UGGS ive been wanting.
This for breakfast ! <3 <3 <3 <3
my bangz /.\
<3 my boyfriends lame heart ! :D
i think this picture is adorable! it made laugh ! <3
Best Boyfriend Ever ! <3
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