I will always miss you daddy :'( Rest In Peace Dad Missyoudaddy Memories Bestdad Family Loveyou
I love the little moments because big things happen in little moments Idontwannamissathing Missyoudaddy Rip Johnhenrydowell
He's gone to soar with the clouds. It feels like just yesterday I got that call that you were gone. No longer on earth. Never was I to hear your voice again saying "I love you my princess". Never was I to feel you arms around me, building a sanctuary of safety and trust for the while. And never was I to look into your eyes again and see the love and fatherly hope for his daughter to grow up great and amazing. Your princess misses we meet again daddy. Wait for me in the castle of dreams❤️ Missyoudaddy It Hurts Neverforgotten