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Skyporn Universe Galactica Sourceoflife break my fall Someone is Missing Inside You uyku varsa alirim bi dal. Nosmoking cildiracagim. Do not blame me with your disappointments. Empathise me.
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My "Galactic Milky Heart" to all my friends on EE, my year was full of work and pressure, but also of love and support, tears and smiles, losses and winnings, failures, flops and hits. Just a "normal" year, thank god. I want to thank you friends for all your warm and nice support and Eyem for having me as finalist in the EyeEm Awards 2016, which was an unbelievable honour to me. Thank you! AntiM Astronomy Backgrounds Beauty In Nature Constellation Galactic Galactica Galaxy Globular Star Cluster Milky Way My Year My View Nature Night Nightphotography No People Outdoors Science Sky Space Space And Astronomy Space Exploration Star - Space Star Field Stars & Dreams Swan
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The Stargate is open 😇 🔮 Wormhole Passage Other Dimension Expansion Illuminated Galaxy Imagine Reflection Built Structure Sky AndroidPhotography Snapshots Of Life Mobilephotography Shootermag Minimalist Streetphotography AMPt_community MobileOnly On The Road STRAIGHT OUTTA COFFEE Sunset Unusual Outdoors Galactica
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Figurine Cylon de Battlestar Galactica 1€ aux puces !
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