The wait is over : Google Map view over STAPLETOWN. Yeah. #stapletown Rodchenko Ripoff Avantguarde Senkin Crapshitecture Malevitch Stapletown Shitty_peter_root_ig_team Abstract Greatsuccess Fun Staplesporn Stupid Artists Staples Architectureporn Soviet Constructivism
Stapletown's Google Streetview. Because it's Streetview Wednesday. #stapletown Fact Stapletown Shitty_peter_root_ig_team Universaltruth
Suck on this, Peter Root. Doublefilter Ripoff Klutsis Stapletown Malevich Shitty_peter_root_ig_team Futurehistory Architecture Abstract Towers Tribute Fake Linegasm Constructivism Rodchenko
By popular demand : sunset over Stapletown. Sorry to announce #Stapletown is no more. But don't worry Stapletown has been #recycled into #office #staples that will #shine over #shitty #boring #reports for the years to come. Thank you Stapletown. #architec Shitty Staples Ixelles Recycled Architectureporn Constructivism Klutsis Stapletown Sunset Malevich Beautiful References Brussels Reports Office Shitty_peter_root_ig_team Recycling Boring Program Shine