As I moved the curtain the raise of light started to shine on my face. Whenever the curtain is closed I'm covered in thick darkness with a lot of mysterious inside. Transparency is required in all relationships, friendships; also in the society. In other words it is about being faithful being honest even thou we may screw up! I remember once my friend got caught by a police officer while travelling on underground tube without a valid ticket. In the eyes of the officer he committed a crime by violating the law yet when the officer asked him why? He didn't make up any story but answered honestly. For our amazement the officer allowed him to go freely without any amends. Everyone wants an honest answer than a built up story. That's the same in the sight of God, He loves a honest sinner more than a righteous hypocrite. As the author of proverbs says "honest answer is like a kiss on the lips." Luke18:13-14 Honest Truthful Faithful Admitting Repentance Godlovesyou Transparency Disclose Friendship
Ohh Almighty  show me some sign,so that I can Restore my Faith on Truthful Divine.
The Smile of a Child is always the most Truthful smile. Boy Taking Photos Enjoying Life Vietnam Hopeful Brother Friends
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"lights" "Let it rain over me, light, health, love and happiness Let the pain, hunger and the war go away" ✨ Happy Holidays to all of you ✨ © IoAnna Φωτοgraphy 2015 Blackandwhite Bnw Christmas City Happiness Heart Holidays Honest Hope Lights Love Monochrome Night Outdoors Square Street Truthful Winter Wishes Words Xmas
When someone is nasty or treats you poorly, don't take it personally. It says nothing about you, but a lot about them. Happiii Blessed Sunday everyone!! Being Yourself True Truthful authentic authenticity beauty, beingfabulous beingyourself fabulous fashion glitter innershine lovingyourself outerbeauty positivethinking selfworth shining sparkle whatisinsidethatcounts worth worthiness jointheark
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Truthful Hurtful  Painful all at The same damn time but I ain't waitin my turn for shit fuck that
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