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Organoc Italian Tomato sauce hand-made 😊 Tomatosauce OrganicTomatoes Organictomatosauce Salsadipomodorobiologico Salsa Salsadipomodori Passatadipomodoro Pomodorobiologico Handmade Homemade Italiantomatosauce Italy Puglia 100ita Loveliveitaly Liveloveita Loveliveitaly Southernitaly Thisispuglia
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Lunch time! Spaghetti garlic and basil with organic tomato sauce (home made) ☺ buon appetito! Spaghetti Divella Spaghettidivella Spaghettiaglioebasilico Italianspaghetti Italy Tomatosauce Tomatosaucehomemade Organictomatosauce Puglia 100ita Loves_puglia Bestpugliapics Love_puglia Liveloveitalia Top_pugliaphoto Lunchtime Italianlunch Volgoitalia Volgopuglia Volgofoggia_ Thisispuglia Official_italian_food Verso_sud_foods Pugliagram puglia_city foodsudsystem foodsud italyfoodprn italian_food
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1st time to be served like this, “ iberico ham with melon ”🍈 生ハムとメロンというより、サラダやんw Michelin recommended restaurant . .. Entering this restaurant,so attractive scent of Truffle But overall evaluation of mine is Soso ごめんなさいw Ibérico Ham Melon Orange Meatball Tomatosauce Pasta Seafood 全てまあ美味しいけど想像と見た目違った 合わせたワインは Valpolicella でも Merlot のほうがスパイス効いてて良かったと思います Wine 大事なのは味もだけど 見た目 今日はちょっとコメント 辛口 Italian Dinner Michelinrecommended WTC Causewaybay  香港
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Tomato sauce home-made with organic tomatoes (thanks to my friend that gave me them 😙 and that I picked up by myself) - salsa di pomodori biologico, regalatimi da un mio amico e raccolti personalmente in campagna! 😊 these are satisfactions! 😃 Organictomatosauce Tomatosauce Salsadipomodorobiologico Pomodorobiologico Handmade Homemade OrganicTomatoes Italy Puglia Loveliveitaly Liveloveita 100ita Southernitaly Official_italian_food
Plant Nature Growth Close-up Green Color No People Fragility Beauty In Nature Outdoors Day EyeEm Nature Landscape Tree Full Length Eyem Gallery EyeEm Nature Lover Eyemphotography Eyem Best Shot Naturephotography Tomato Plants Tomatosauce Tomatoe Plant Wildlife And Nature Eye4photography  Paint The Town Yellow Food Stories EyeEmNewHere Small Business Heroes The Still Life Photographer - 2018 EyeEm Awards
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Resteverwertung - Fleischküchle von gestern einfach in frische Tomatensoße und Nudeln dazu :) Picoftheday Igersgermany Followme Igersstuttgart Instamood Eavig 10likes Igerskarlsruhe Igers Tomatosauce Instagramers Parsley Androidonly Instagood Yummy Statigram Dinner Instagramhub Meatballs Webstagram Android 20likes Basil Instafood Noodles Instagreat Photooftheday Igaddict Foodporn Instamillion
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