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我喜歡柬埔寨嘅其中一個地方是他們將「廢物利用」做得好好 👍 呢間餐廳咁樣用啲石油氣罐固然是有型喇,但係我講緊嘅仲有大部份柬埔寨人民。任何嘢爛咗、壞咗,佢哋唔會好似好多香港人咁,即刻丟咗佢,買個新(or 甚至未爛,純粹為追款買個新)任何嘢,佢哋都有方法整得返,or 將佢改造成另外一樣嘢繼續用,物件嘅壽命可以循環再循環,至好多好多年。另呢邊亦好流行賣 or 交換二手嘢,因為一啲你唔再需要嘅嘢,可能對另一個人還有使用嘅價值,真係唔好咁快 certify its death。咁的而且確,呢度多人窮嘛,咪令佢哋諗盡不同嘅方法去 recycle and reuse 啲嘢囉,亦令佢哋更珍惜擁有嘅每一件物件,同時製造少好多廢物。 呢樣亦係我鍾意我男友嘅地方,佢同我一樣唔鍾意浪費 or 製造垃圾,so 佢好鍾意喺屋企整嘢久不久就修理呢樣嗰樣,好似我阿爸 ☺ 早兩日先整緊個 pepper mill,好多時根本唔係錢嘅問題,明明喺度買個新嘅好平先幾蚊美金,但係可以整得返的話點解要咁快宣布佢嘅死亡呢?! 😊 Liquefiepetroleumgas Gas Container Recycle Recreate Table Terrace Outdoor Wood Phnompenh
Megaloceros Extinct Live And Learn  The Past Recreate Extinct Species Save The Earth Cherishlife
My little re-creation and art work Art Design My Work Recreate Floor Flooring Carpet Rug Wall Wallpaper Textured  Pattern Lines Material Detail Color Palette Eyeemphoto
My Drowing Drow Disegno Drowning Heart Romantic Feeling Good Getlikes Lovelovelove Hearts Beautiful Great Romantico are you ready for San Valentine's Day ? 😬😱 Love is The Best feelling we have, but.. Please, San Valentin is Boring 🙄 Getting Inspired Drowing Time Easy to Recreate it Like and Follow ✌🏽️😘☺️ Loveyou
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I did a Recreate of this Naildesign Chanel Inspired Beauty
My little redesign and fun art work Backgrounds Extreme Close-up Close-up Geometric Shape Full Frame Vibrant Color No People Patttern Graphic Material Detail Shape Art Design Recreate Lines Shadow Color Color Palette My Work Blues Eyeemphoto
Relaxing Enjoying Life Fitness Fitnessmotivation FitnessFreak Fitnesstrainer Fitness Equipment Fitnesslifestyle  Recreation  Check This Out Recreate First Eyeem Photo
Then and now! .... Throwback Recreate Awesomeness Memories bros...
Trying to #recreate my #breakfast in #Berlin. Yummy, but not quite the same. Breakfast Berlin Recreate
Found an Old Picture and tried to Recreate it What Do You Think? Photo Editing
Two hands, two girls, two similar designs.. told them i wasn't taking anymore customer, and they went all puppy eyed and pretty please.. Henna Mehendi Dahmcmgarden Recreate chinesegirls cutest
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