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Nyakig érő távolságban fürdünk ketten: Európa egén párban ülve szemben. A csend szinte szemetgyönyörködtető, Hisz' elvégre az idő is csak búzamező. Alone Budapest Salzburg Summer Nightfall Time Wheat Skyporn Lostinspace Justoutsidethecity Wondering Whereareyou CantSleep Cantwaitnolonger Mylove @nikola.vegh
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I dont even know y im still up this late. Latenight Selfie CantSleep Whatevertho face
Bored :( CantSleep
Acupofteaforthiscold Missing You Enjoying Life CantSleep
CantSleep Thinking About You With You Is Where I'd Rather Be But We're Stuck Where We Are So Hard So Far This Long Distance  Is Killing Me Its So Hard It's Hard Where We Are Where We Are This Long Distance Is Killing Me
Sleepy me at like, 6am. I couldn't sleep last night, and hope I can sleep tonight... Sleepy 6am CantSleep Insomnia Disomnia Smile Raresmile
Since I can't go to sleep I'm doing my stats homework 😔 there's a first time for everything 😝 Studytime Statistics  Tired CantSleep home homework oc california usa ihatemath firsttimeforeverything
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Perks of a person that wants to sleep. Sleepy CantSleep
The awakened is standing still, seeing through the darkness, and finally the visible is in the sight. But it can't be felt, sadly. Sleep Night Inthedeadofnight Taiwan Light Instadaily Midnight Morning CantSleep Anightwithoutsleeping Love Reality Glad
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• 01:21 PM LastWeek MyRoom Moments Capturing Taking Photos The Week On Eyem Home Indoors  Night Room No People AdobeLightroom Window Silence Lowlight Yellow Canon500d Home Interior CantSleep Istanbul Framing Lowlight
Just because I can't sleep.. Bored Latenight Nothingtodo CantSleep girl
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Throwback / eto yun time na may band ka pa. :) nakakamiss din. 5YearsAgo Boyfriend CantSleep igaddict love
2016.03.13 天光前瞓唔到。。。 。 圖文不符 日夜顛倒 好攰呀 Nightshift CantSleep Exhausted . give me a knock out plz
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Hi.... can't sleep. Haha CantSleep Hmu Privatemessage
desvanecer CantSleep
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Today is my Brothers Birthday. This is the World Tree In Knowsley Park Merseyside where we grew up. This was Chris' favourite tree. When he died we scattered some of his ashes under the tree and planted a few Daffodils. When I went to check last week a whole ring of Daffodils had grown around his tree :). Happy Birthday Chris x Beautiful Nature Photography Sentimental Values Of Life CantSleep
BackToBlack CantSleep
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