Late Night Thoughts

Be the rock that touches the sea and stands on the sand. Be the sand that supports the rock and completes the sea. Be the sea that wets the rock and compacts the sand. Be everything. You don't need to "have to". Only to be. Blue Wave Sea_collection Late Night Thoughts Nature_collection Getting Inspired Smartphonephotography Be Yourself Dream EyeEm Nature Lover Beach My Best Photo 2015 Summer Views
Late Night Thoughts Nobody wishes to die, alone in a cold dark ocean. But there's only so long they can keep their head above the waves until they realise that no one is coming to save them, and they're never going to find their way back to the shore. Sooner or later, the body gives up. It can't endure anymore. Maybe it could fight to suffer one or two moons, but for what point? The ending is the same. It's not that death suddenly becomes an attractive thought. It's just the notion of living is so much uglier. Light And Shadow Silhouette On The Road City Cityscapes Rain
When you think of someone if he/she is doing the same... Pets Arya Cat Mobile Photography EyeEm Best Shots EyeEm Nature Lover Eye4photography  EyeEm Gallery Photographynijacky Orange Moments Late Night Thoughts Pet Portraits
Make love to her so much that you may doubt your sanity but never your passion 😘 Late Night Thoughts
I just miss this boy but it is what it is .. Late Night Thoughts Letting Go Sucks
Nothing is in the middle of somewhere, sorrounded by everything, where everyone is someplace, and still lacking the someone, i need most. Inthemiddleoftheroad Sunsetporn Snapseed Editing  Late Night Thoughts Thinking About You From A Moving Car Muscat , Oman
Late Night Thoughts Goodnight
Late Night Thoughts
Late Night Thoughts
Thoughts Late Night Thoughts Darkness Bedroom Window Random Night Cold
"If only." Different Perspective Ramadan Mubarak EyeEm Nature Lover Monochrome monochrome photography Deep Thoughts Late Night Thoughts Window Shadow Shining