I'm tired of your bullshit

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I'm Tired Of Your Bullshit
You just don't know what you got until it's gone, and trust me baby, I tried, and tried, and I'm Tired Of Your Bullshit  and it comes with that smile of yours. You come and go as you please, as do I. We can't define us but it's easier if we don't .But you see I held you down with my touch and my ways, Eyes Never Lie.♡ No baby I kept it Real Even If We Can't Call It Love and you had me like I had you. But honestly, I just wanna Let In Burn Forever but the magic between us just isn't real, because we aren't, except behind closed doors. Let's let US go for now and wander the world alone. Maybe in time we will meet in my arms again.....i know we will, we always do.