A real woman

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Just brush of pain and bad people... u are who u are.. just embrace ur self for ur uniqueness... I've come a long way.. but still there's more to come.. today im souronded by so much love... and the best part is that i don't have to sacrifice my self... i dont have to walk on needles... scared to say wrong.. do wrong.. or act wrong... im a women today... thanx to humans.. the monsters are gone.. peace and love to u all β™‘ Life This Is Me No Girl Believes Shes Beautiful,Until A Guy Comes Along And Makes Her Feel Like She Is!  A Real Woman Self Confidence Embracing Hopes And Dreams Monsters Of The Past Kisses πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
a new year is soon here .. and i had to try on my dress.. nervous.. yaay.. but well what can u say.. it's absolutely fabulous.. all i need to fix now is my hair and we can start the party on saturday πŸ˜ƒ New Year Dress Fasionstyle Gold Glamour Weight Loss Kardashian Thankful Love Sweden Selfie Portrait A Real Woman Curves Proud Mommy Proud
I don't think u should be mean to peploe.. i know that im a pretty good looking woman, soon to be 41 ;) and as my friend said.. what the fu*k did he think, he had a woman, who looks like a queen, a woman who can pleasure... a woman who feels like no other.. and still he had to "dip" in anything he could find.. he must be the biggest idiot alive... I looked at my friend smiled, and said : Thank u, but i have to give him some credit, he built self confidence.. but he's plan was not to let me have this much, he wanted to build me up, so he could tear me down.. i smiled even bigger and said... i guess he didn't expect me to come out feeling better stronger than e ever.. i guess he didn't expect me to smile.. to anyone else but him... but he was wrong ❀❀❀ Confidence  No Fake A Real Woman Pleasure I Smile  Sexyselfie Reality You Make Me Smile Through Every Tear!:)
Redhead again πŸ€—β€ Strongwoman Happy Womanwithcurves A Real Woman Goodthingsinlife Lifeisbeautiful Portrait Selfie ✌ Self Portrait Egopic
Ok... just me... no makeup.. just natural me saying goodnight ... after a long warm shower ... :) Woman Nomakeupselfie Selfie Natural Beauty Nighttime Feeling Thankful Time For Bed A Real Woman Soft Curves
just me .. and i love it πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ Selfie Woman Casual Clothing Happiness EgoTime Curves Proud Sadness Never Last Long... Life Is Beautiful Proud Thankful Domestic Violence Survivor Sweden Love Stronger Than Ever A Real Woman Goodthingsinlife Home Sweet Home Beautiful People
A Real Woman
well the sun is shining soo time for adventures β™‘ Me Adventure Self Portrait A Real Woman Curves Beautiful People Strongwomen
My self confidence is so high right now... im so glad i found u.. and now im one step closer to become a pin-up model... my body is my temple... and u gave me the confidence to give this competition a try... omg this is amazing.. and the best part is that u love to show the world the queen u found.. like said i found a tear ad made her a smile .. Model Curvy & Beautiful Pin Up Girl Self Confidence Beauty In Nature A Real Woman Curvesaresexy This Is Me Hot Woman No Girl Believes Shes Beautiful,Until A Guy Comes Along And Makes Her Feel Like She Is!  This is what i need to come back.. im 41 y old.. so i guess it's never to late 😎
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A Real Woman
A Real Woman