Cowan Rd

I guess it's bed time for me.
happy birthday my Jamaican legend. #blow #Bob #Marley
who hotter than me.
What i have to deal with until i wake up
Remember this!!!
I know I know that, can't nobody fuck w|meee
6 months ago today at 7:32 am my life was changed forever. The best thing in the world happened to me, I became Keaton Ryan Denison's mother. I cannot believe 6 whole months have passed, that is half of a year and it's gone by way to quickly. My boy is he
Let's remember this today.....
I'm gettin there guys.
Going To School
what can I say ✔
♡ツ #silly #bored
#Faded #2k13 #SuperBowl
Hanging Out
Hanging Out
it's always a lil bit of class... #faded
me and my beautiful hair.
Taking Pictures