College student walking outside on campus wearing sunglasses The Portraitist - 2017 EyeEm Awards Young Adult One Person Sunglasses Selective Focus Sunny Day Outdoors College Life Student College Campus College Campus Walking Campus Life Young Man Freshman Sophomore  Junior Year Senior Class Day Daylight Sunshine Sunlight The Portraitist - 2017 EyeEm Awards
When I used to draw TBT  Lifedrawing Mica Sophomore
ClassOf2017 1 beautiful Sophomore  Loveher Mydaughter
Just a Crazy Flashback of my Sophomore  year at College .. Half Glasses double Fun ..Amateur Guitarist .. Remembering old Memories
TBT  Sophomore  Year Asians @michelleeengai
"Who goes out on Mondays?" Uhmmm, Us! 2nd week with ze cousin. ;D Teachers were fun!! Sophomore  Cousin Teen Teenager cafe break vacant school college tourism followteam followteam follow4follow liketeam like4like
I honestly haven't even changed Freshman Sophomore  Junior  Senior
TBT  Sophomore  Year GoodTimes lunchtimes car rides
I got bored, so I colored in my new handbook. Sophomore  Awwyeahh Coloring
搞掂两个 仲有五星服侍 认真happy Nix Finaltest Sophomore  LOL
I miss this Asian kid! TBT  Sophomore  Year PE times high school @ryanaranez
Springfling Hannah School Sophomore  junior funnnn
Summer is just around the corner 😍. Girl Model Female Model Beach Day Sand Water Spring Break 2017 Teenagers  Teenage Girls Human High School Sophomore  Young Young Lady Young Model Young Photographer Girl Photographer Good Times Memories Nikon3400 Nikon_photography
Senior Junior  Sophomore  Freshmen Intrams week and Im just relaxing there.
This is so old, I miss long hair Old Pic Sophomore  Year
Homecoming , Highschool Sophomore  I Tried To Look Nice