@pr_ailine Happy Valentines Day to all!! VDay 12 Witmyboo Bout to head out with my wild one! She's even got the RedBottoms  on! Uff! tiger mode activated!!! myreason serranofamily
And these... Christianlouboutin Shoes Hee HighHeels RedBottoms
Dangerously Sexy Stockings RedBottoms  Boudoir
About to own a pair of these. #louboutin #redbottoms #heels #bootstyle Heels RedBottoms  Louboutin Bootstyle
And these.... Christianlouboutin Shoes Heels HighHeels RedBottoms
Love these....Christianlouboutin Shoes Heels HighHeels RedBottoms
Ladyinred RedBottoms  Vibrant Color Contrast
My RedBottoms  he got me early b-day gift I'm spoild
And these.... Christianlouboutin Shoes Heels HighHeels RedBottoms
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These shoes are one of my favs... Christianlouboutin Shoes Heels HighHeels Stilletos RedBottoms
He got good taste... Fashion Dope Shit RedBottoms
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Python. Christian Louboutin Luxury Sneakers RedBottoms
One lucky girl ?❤? RedBottoms  ChristianLouboutins vday
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Shoes RedBottoms  IWish
Check my footwork... RedBottoms  Hyundai Veloster Turbo Driving Stick Shift Gayboyprobs
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The higher the heel, the closer you are to heaven❤ High Heels Coco Chanel RedBottoms  Black
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