This little fly :), Hello Peoplee ❀❀ Flying High FlyGuy Flies Wow *-*
Focused. Missoddbeauty FlyGuy Musicvideo Comingsoon BTS Photo cred: @oscarobregonjr O&OPhotography πŸ‘Œ follow follow follow
That Werk it girlllll face annd SNAP. FlyGuy Comingsoon Missoddbeauty Flygirls photo cred: @oscarobregonjr πŸ‘Œ O&OPhotography follow follow follow
Don't give a fuck if it ain't Thursday, I miss the winter.... ?? FlyGuy Shadeson Bubblejacket Jussbreezy
Hanging Out Taking Photos #outfit #OOTD FlyGuy
Flying High Fly Away FlyGuy SOAR HIGH
Hey Beauties! This ya girl Geli. Keep a look out for my official single Fly Guy Off my EP "Fight Like a Girl" . It's dropping at the top of the year of 2015.You DON'T want to miss it! Also keep a look out for the official FLY GUY music video, coming soon to screens near you. Missoddbeauty FlyGuy OfficialSingle 2014 < 2015 MusicVideo ComingSoon Bangaville Followthemovement
Stay on the πŸ‘€ out. FlyGuy Comingsoon Missoddbeauty 2015
Good morning beautiful people! Just a reminder. FlyGuy is on Itunes and GooglePlay for pre order. For those who purchase the track,screenshot your purchase and then tag me @missoddbeauty. The lucky winner can win a spot in my next music video! 😊 Missoddbeauty FightLikeAGirl MusicVideo comingsoon 2015
Back at it again. Rehearsal FlyGuy Musicvideo Comingsoon
On set for "Fly Guy" video shoot. Ft Mr FlyGuy himself " (@ejake_phm) " Missoddbeauty x PHM Photo cred: @scrilla_h_phm Follow follow follow
Reading books is actually fun πŸ˜† even in English FlyGuy Buzz Bookstagram Englishbook Havefunreading
Last night, as cold as it was, was still a great experience and once again I am thankful and soo appreciative of everyone who came out for the love and support. FlyGuy Musicvideo Comingsoon Fightlikeagirl respectHERhustle
Werk Werk Werk FlyGuy MusicVideo ComingSoon Rehearsal
When you're in 30° weather tryna get your life while doing a music video. 😳 lol Werk FlyGuy Comingsoon Missoddbeauty FlyGirlsIntheBack MusicVideo AdioAsh BTS Bangaville
Looking over footage. FlyGuy Musicvideo Comingsoon 2015  BTS FightLikeAGirl
Under the Samburu sun!! Flychicks FlyGuy Thephotoshoot Epictimez 2flyladies 1guy Canwedoitagain?
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Car rides Droptop  Mustang Livelife IPhone Photography Iphone6 IPhoneography FlyGuy
Just A pick FlyGuy ...Dallastx
When you're in the car taking selfies until your next scene. Missoddbeauty FlyGuy Musicvideo DayOne BTS
happy day !! Water Reflections FlyGuy Sky_collection Summerfun
On set. Missoddbeauty FlyGuy Musicvideo DayOne BTS
No sleep. Just work. Missoddbeauty FlyGuy Flygirls Musicvideo ComingSoon Rehearsal BTS
Top of the morning to ya, Beauties! Go to my soundcloud (pbeegeli) and check out my new single FlyGuy Off my EP Fightlikeagirl . Catch the wave now before it hits all social media outlets. Missoddbeauty Musicvideo ComingSoon Bangaville
Check out my first official single FlyGuy off my EP Fightlikeagirl on soundcloud (pbeegeli). Catch the wave before it hits all social media outlets. Missoddbeauty Musicvideo ComingSoon Followthemovement
Rehearsal was a success! Can't wait for you guys to see what I have in store. FlyGuy Musicvideo Comingsoon πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘…BTS
"I know you're on your grind and you wana do everything you can do to be the best signing them checks cause you gotta get yours" - missoddbeauty Werk BTS FlyGuy Musicvideo ComingSoon Rehearsal missoddbeauty FightLikeAGirl Photo cred: @oscarobregonjr O&OPhotography πŸ‘Œ follow follow follow
Going over dialogue. Missoddbeauty FlyGuy Musicvideo DayOne BTS WERK sorellaboutique SORELLA
And we're off. FlyGuy Musicvideo DayOne Flygirls RP
IT'S A WRAP!! FlyGuy Musicvideo Comingsoon BTS check out the track on my soundcloud (pbeegeli), shoutout to everyone who showed up to the shoot. @respctherhustle thank you for stopping by. I love my respectHERhustle fitted. I appreciate it so so so much, especially in this 12Β° weather. Much love to each and everyone of ya'll. Love, missoddbeauty NIGHT!! βœŒπŸ’‹
Rock, slow, snap and hit! Missoddbeauty FlyGuy Musicvideo Comingsoon Rehearsal BTS FlyGirls
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Taking Photos Plane Aviationphotography Captain Pictures Flying Signs Signstalkers Flying High FlyGuy P51 Mustang
Check This Out Taking Photos From An Airplane Windshield EyeEm Thailand Captain Pictures Citation Mustang Aviationphotography Flying Flying High FlyGuy
Fun Family Taking Photos FlyGuy
My Lays Toofresh FlyGuy Dressgame
FlyGuy Style Swag Loveβ™₯ Davion #bigbrother
Taking Photos Bus Headed Home FlyGuy
Sometimes I gotta get fly at work Workflow FlyGuy Polo Lettermanjacket iphone gshock frames palmbeach