Albertsons Market

Fresh Produce
old pic
sumthing I need
Comment yo names I'm bored
Gud morning comment bak
im just on cool ass nigga #fire red 4s # jordans sweat #bulls hoodie #bulls beanie
my. lil bubba playing with my bitch daff...
New here.
automatic look at yu lol
like if yu a freak & done all that shit if yu reall. #freaks come out at night
lmao long ass time ok...#them abbs doe lol
German Shepherd Chilling
This the shit I do like when she all on me
my lil bubba
#turnt up
Its about that time!!!
Fresh Produce
Kik me yo pic n I need some pol to help me rate ??
dumb niggas!!
I thawt bout the time yu cheated on me but its cool Im living gud witout yu & my puppy replaced. SWERVE BIOTCH!!
ohmy. lol
That's sum sexy ass shit rt
I rep my brotherly love tatt all day its the best relationship when.yu got A twin!!!!
Fresh Produce
KOTD AIRMAX 95s sky blue grey white im just too freah
who ain't scared or shy to talk to a nigga! !
Fresh Produce
be honest lol
dam...amen tap that
Too anyone who dnt have anyone to say gudmorning too ...cause I never get one lol! !
my lil bby on my kicks doe y'all see those olympics doe!!!
It's gets that way
fwm pleze
my new puppy
I just need that one!!!
when im pissed or sad I drive to throw all my feeling away #fucked up
whoo wanna oovoo add yo.names??
avion moment!!!
Yeap yu rite
just be real pleze! ! tell me what yu yu feel? ?
Fresh Produce
wherr ever yu I go...if yu fall I fall witcha simple as that
dry ass conversations
who can I do this too lol jk my tongue game is too magical
It's wat I'm made for too pleze
How ghetto bitches be acting
Gotta get a mouthful of that pussy gotta eat it rite lol ima freak like a bihh ?? ^_'.Dope Ass Shit -.^'
can't nobody keep me from being happy its too hard & im too polo made for that shit! !!Fwm
we need thst supports sometimes!!!
pleze dnt test my neck bby --__--
Jamming this morning?
truu shit rt
I'm big chillin in my cribboo no bad bitches around just me n myself
I dnt fuck I sex!!
I need this rt im so diggin this photo #turn up
truu shit. I paid good money on these ring n shid ...ya take that ass to another room ill have yu happy these next day but we ain't ending a gud relationship.
conversation.time comment pleze!!!
I nees y'all help asap
Ayye y'all go listen to my lol cuzin on iTunes I swear my nigga can sing let me kno if yu hear n tell me if that sound like Chris brown ???somebody just go listen
anybody? ???
I spoke with god today amen!!! :)
I just wanna kno
I want one!!
fuck it im single I can say wwatvi want lol!!!
Avion tatted up big chillin
My screen lock thoe
today at my second job tired af!!! glad im off # I love money
Im. who I born to be a great man ...own up to mistakes I made! ! n find a queen to take care of n build. sonething with
I gotta haircutt wat y'all think????
Wishing I had someone next to me #single
lmao rolling like a bihh!!!
Hanging Out