Freshman Village-Douglass Hall

I ♥ Bad Gurls Datz My Fuckin Problem
my heart my soul my baby cameron
Cried Himself To Sleep
weekend with my baby :)
Its Horrible And Cold Outside
Me After Last Night
after his cookie
Hanging Out
noone can ever take his place
I B Like I Dont Give a fiiiinuck
I Look Hi《《《《
My face When He Said He Was Finna Get Drunk《《《
Thinking Of You Makes Me Smile
Hanging Out
Bit Dont Kill My Vibe :)
we Made A Bond From The Very Beginning I Found My Homie And My Best Friend ♥♥
Hanging Out
Told Him Make A Silly Face N He Did This
Hanging Out
me today #Turnt
Tired af*
♥ My Lips :)
Hanging Out
Sleep Is For The Rich And I Aint There Yet..
My Lil Man :)
I Never Play With My Food
I Say Lets Get It And She Ready To Roll...Love My Lil Sis ♥
My Favorite Niece In Law :)
Enjoying Life
y Am I Up?
Just Waking Up
Hanging Out
2013...Im Not Sweatin Anything Or Stressing Myself
Going To Sleep Showing School Spirit
Hanging Out
Hanging Out
Hanging Out
Hanging Out
Hanging Out
#gramfam straight chilln
Hanging Out
Hanging Out