Wine vault

I was lucky to discover this ancient basement in the center of Treviglio historical center, Italy. Seven small candles was all that I had to create an interesting illumination of this place. Long exposure is a perfect technique for this kind of pictures in my opinion. Hope you will love it also! Ancient Antique Candles Historical Building Aged Basement Historical Wine Vault
In Vojvodina, in addition to the Vršac vineyards, Fruška Gora, Subotica’s Sands, Biserno Island and Čoka are also famous for their grapes and wines; Biserno Island (Pearl) near Novi Bečej on the river Tisa produces an exceptional wine called Krokan; The enterprising Count Gedeon, son of the wealthy Clara Sisanji and Colonel Lipot Rohonjci started producing this wine in the second part of the nineteenth century; Today the Boserno Island wine cellar has seventy gigantic wooden barrels and four glass ones coated in concrete holding two hundred and fifty thousand litres of wine; Krokan from Biserno Island is sought after all around Europe, and it was drunk by Tito, Stalin and General De Gaulle; Famous wines from Sremski Karlovci, Irig and numerous monasteries were served at the tsar’s dining table and a certain quantity of Srem’s bermet was on the famous ship, the Titanic, which met with a tragic end on its maiden voyage in 1912. Barrel Barrels Barrels Of Wine Business Cylinder Day Factory Hanging Indoors  Industry Lens Flare Nature Safety Sunbeam Sunlight Textile Textile Industry Wine Cellar Wine Vault Winery Wood - Material Wooden Barrel Wooden Barrels Working Workshop