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Mummy Isn't Impressed You're Spending A Fortune Because You're Jealous How Fucking Tragic Nice To Be Able To Afford It Now Youes Go Bananas Mummy Make Example Youes Got Billions And A Large Lump Bishop Moves I Doubt You'll Recover Bingo Sign On Noyce Private Hospital I Can Be Grumpy Where Next That Depends Smithers Stethoscope  To Be Sure Knight Moves Eyes Right
Nails Sign On Do Not Upset Por Favor Throwaway Comment Wives Nice To Haves Bishop Moves Mrs Who Eyes Right Mummy, Chocky
State Of The Art Water Cooled Sign On For Sale 1989 Bishop Moves Nice To Haves Slaphead Eyes Right He's A Bit Greedy Practice Makes Perfect Ico Faberge Nice Suits Mr How Much A Childhood Spent Reading I'm Not Brilliant With My Hands Nobody's Perfect
It Says Don't Ask For Credit Bm, I That Too Sign On Capiche Por Favor
Pretty Painful I'll Be Honest Morning Exercise You Wouldn't Like It Go Get Refund Where's My Fucking Money? Clearing Things Up Knight Moves Time Of The Year Maid Man Hobby Mummy, Tummy Ache In Joke Christmas Presents  Eyes Right Sign On Ain't Nothing Going On But The Rent Brats Eyes Down Pretty Flexible