Fishing, pier, family, Asian, amusement park, midway, strolling, neon, arcade, games, suspension bridge, fair, carnival, ferris wheel, palm, booths, vendors, crowds, people, people playing, average peope, everyday people, adults, railings, sky, night, San

“Fishing for dinner,” “Strolling the midway at night,” “Playing Arcde games,” “Crossing the suspension bridge,” and “Crowded County Fair midway.” San Diego lifestyle Series. Photographs of people doing what people do in SoCal. Some are re-posts because they also represent this San Diego Lifestyles Series. Fishing, Pier, Family, Asian, Amusement Park, Midway, Strolling, Neon, Arcade, Games, Suspension Bridge, Fair, Carnival, Ferris Wheel, Palm, Booths, Vendors, Crowds, People, People Playing, Average Peope, Everyday People, Adults, Railings, Sky, Night, San