Chashu; pork; food; japanese; soup; noodle; ramen; background; delicious; gourmet; cooking; healthy; cuisine; style; plate; dish; roasted; white; fresh; broth; tonkotsu; meal; asian; tasty; nutrition; black; asia; vegetable; eating; lunch; restaurant; fat

Chashu pork slide 2 pieces for top up on the traditional tonkotsu japanese ramen noodle dish. Japanese Food Chashu Chashu; Pork; Food; Japanese; Soup; Noodle; Ramen; Background; Delicious; Gourmet; Cooking; Healthy; Cuisine; Style; Plate; Dish; Roasted; White; Fresh; Broth; Tonkotsu; Meal; Asian; Tasty; Nutrition; Black; Asia; Vegetable; Eating; Lunch; Restaurant; Fat Close-up Day Food Food And Drink Freshness Indoors  No People Noodle Ramen Ready-to-eat Shashu Top View