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Italian policeman in riot gear to avoid clashes between the fans outside the stadium Police Officer Policeman Celere Celerino One Person Police Police At Work Police Force Police Uniform Real People Riot
blue helmet of a policeman riot cop during the uprising in the city Office Polizei Security Blue Helmet Celere Celerino Counterterrorism Guard Helmet Italy One Person Outdoors People Police Police Uniform Polizia Real People Riot Riot Police Rioter Safety Safety Helmet Standing Suit Of Armor Terrorism
policeman in riot gear with a helmet to control some protesters Crime Officer Police Department Policeman Protest Roma Rome Security Soldier Agent Celere Celerino Helmet One Person Patrolman Police Polizia Polizia Celere Protective Workwear Raid Rear View Riot Riot Gear Riot Police Tenuta Antisommossa