Shih Chien University 實踐大學

Graduation Love School Boyfriend
假期??? First Eyeem Photo
be patient :) Self Portrait
Taking Photos Eye4photography  EyeEm Gallery Streetphotography Architecture EyeEm Taiwan Peoplephotography Stairs Stairs_collection Monochrome Urban Geometry Urbanphotography Urbanexploration Urban Architecture Modern Showcase: December
拍不出什麼帥感 真對不起作者?? Shih Chien College School Design
Tree Morning Sky Relax
Everyone needs a place where can ponder. Peace And Quiet Walking Around Relaxing
EyeEm Taiwan Eye4photography  Urban Exploration EyeEm Gallery Taking Photos White WhiteCollection White Album Art, Drawing, Creativity Indesign Getting Creative Monochrome Showcase: December My Best Photo 2015
終於等到妳了ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ♥♥♥♥♥so happy呀!!
AMPt - Vanishing Point Farawaypeople AMPt_community Snapshot
回來了 我們的舞台 Copy Space Indoors  No People Illuminated Architecture Day
Food And Drink Sweet Food High Angle View Dessert Ready-to-eat Food Indoors  Freshness Plate No People Close-up Slice Of Cake Day
上課不上課玩手機 哈哈
Scale  1:200 Human Black Blackandwhite
Gotta post my first Selfie ✌️
Baseball Sky Morning
Farawaypeople AMPt_community AMPt - Vanishing Point Snapshot
First Eyeem Photo
12/7 Graduation
Today shoot 好久沒po圖惹>< 今日拍攝強先看 Taking Notes Fashion Cool Modeling
Cramming For A Test
Pudding School Life  Dessert Friend
Architecture Black & White
破壞與再生。 Architecture
Apple Oolong Tea Lattea Chat Time Morning No More Exams
Panting Black And White
下樓。放風了 Stair Achitecture
These memories are better off being bittersweet, than being lies.
風和日麗,心情好。 Hello World Enjoying Life Nature
studying Black & White Self Portrait
Eye4photography  Taking Photos Monochrome Art, Drawing, Creativity Design EyeEm Gallery EyeEm Taiwan Pattern Pieces
I know there are saveral walls have to break through. The only problem is that is it really a wall or God just lead me to an other way? Learning Peace And Quiet Walking Around
Already to workout :-P Monday People Class PE dancing workout night waiting fresh body life
Cute Dog  ❤❤❤ Streetphotography Shot
開學第一天就是一直再等等等等… WTF Waiting Class First day school life nothing night study university student challenge adaptation relationship girl boy
Black And White
Cold School White Black
studying Hello World Self Portrait
Midterm Exams make me want to scream!!! ? Taiwan Taipei Midterm  Exam important week November Chinese English books scripts reports busy prepare life lots cry tired worry school college university
光影 虛實
最後的體育課 ? First Eyeem Photo
Book,library Bookshelf Architecture
Season  馬卡龍
Amazing Music AWARD Cup
Check This Out Eye4photography Taking Photos Hanging Out
Everyday Joy Hanging Out Light Up Your Life
,,,,,,,學生 Relaxing
Library Architecture
Sleepy Time
每次上這堂課有種莫名火大… This class should be fun, but the true is SUCK!!! Tourism Class Book Night wtf helpless unhappy university college city suck shitty life teacher boring angry no pain unlike hate
Relaxing Power Napping Taking Photos Hanging Out
RePicture Team
Cookie School Life  Friend Brownie
Good bye! Wish I will not regret Fashion Design
Hanging Out
今日最靠北兩件事: 1.必修擋修,得退選 2.請了1小時的假,結果等到現在… 唉…… GG :-( WTF Thursday School University sad life Taipei Taiwan shihchien
大手拉小手 Street Photography Love