~Viewing life through the lens is viewing from a whole different perspective. ~TeamShei Photo Imaging. Camera - Photographic Equipment Photography Themes Real People Digital Camera TeamSheiPhotoImaging AmbitionTheNewSexy OneLifeOneTime Freelance Life CareerGoals Photographer Artist Popular Photos Confidence  Lifestyles San Antonio Texas BrannonWood MyBigSugarPlum Oilfieldlife Photooftheday Faith In God Photographing Digital Single-lens Reflex Camera Focus On Foreground Sheri Mulloy
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In a jaded & narcissistic world, to find undying loyalty & unconditional love, without deal breakers, is as common as catching smoke with your bare hands. ~TeamShei Photo Imaging’s “~Red Collection “ nNo People cClose-up WWisdom mMysterious bBlackandwhite Photography TTeamSheiPhotoImaging TTeamShei Photo’s Red Collection AAmbitionTheNewSexy OOneLifeOneTime pPhotographer AArtist CCareerGoals FFreelance Life pPopular Photos MMyBigSugarPlum BBrannonWood SSan Antonio TTexas CConfidence  SSmoke hHand TTeamShei001 GGGrowth Sheri Mulloy
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~Stop existing & start living! Sunglasses One Person Freelance Life TeamSheiPhotoImaging TeamShei001 AmbitionTheNewSexy OneLifeOneTime Confidence  CareerGoals Photographer Artist MyBigSugarPlum BrannonWood Popular Photos Blackandwhite Photography San Antonio Texas Wisdom Outdoors Real People Beautiful Woman Sheri Mulloy Oilfieldlife Faith In God