Back porch

Riding down an old country backroad to cowpins,s.c. except we was going 45 mph, picture come out beautifully, and yes eyem i think mine and my friends pictures from all over the world ,are better than somebodys dirty feet ,i cant get over that,dirty feet come on eyem,but thats what real talent is dirty feet,than go for it i just like to take them,but they are some really talented people out their i follow please reconize them and their not the same people over and over and they just their phone for the most part,and its there own backyard ,not some picture you would see from some movie sceen,their talent is capturing whatever god puts in their path and humbling all us with their true beauty and talente. Perspectives On Nature Rethink Things EyeEmNewHere Be. Ready. Colour Your Horizn