Church of Barabbus

Church of Barabus - where Christ and he were chained together - Via Dolorosa, Jerusalem. In the late 1980's Jerusalem was a very different city than from today. If lucky enough, like I was, it was fairly easy to hire a local person to take you places not on the usual tourist beat. My guide for the day was part of the Via Dolorosa community and known to the 'holy guardians' that still do protect the little known religious places under Jerusalem. I was taken to a small door at the side of the Via Dolorosa, near the 1st station of the cross. It was opened by a Catholic nun and my guide spoke to her in Arabic?. She was very angry that the guide had taken me there and for quite some time I thought we would not be allowed in. Eventually we were, the nun bent down under a table and flicked a switch. She led me down a very narrow flight of stone steps into a small cave-like chamber, in the middle of which was a small alter. At the back of the chamber was a rock hewn bench with sunken carved holes above the bench and below it. These holes bore ancient damage marks of either chains or ropes being moved through them. I was still unsure what I was looking at until the nun told me in broken English that this was the place that Christ and Barabbas were chained. After my visit to this place that she called 'The church of Barabbus' I mentioned it to another tourist guide and I was told that she knew of it's existance, but had not been lucky enough to have been there. I am not partucularly religious, however, I have no reason to doubt what the nun told me, even though there is still no mention of this place on the Internet.Barabbas sVia Dolorosa, Jerusalem mbiblical experience echurch of Barabbus sclose-up pday yNature eno people eoutdoors sReflection nrock - object tstations of the cross sText Reflection Water Nature Day Outdoors Close-up Textured  No People Stations Of The Cross Rock - Object Biblical Experience Barabbas Via Dolorosa, Jerusalem Church Of Barabbus A New Beginning 50 Ways Of Seeing: Gratitude