Melo out! Edgar and the fierce flock of birds planned on airlifting the skeleton of alligator boy away from the gruesome wreckage of the minion pirate ship. Edgar announced that they need to find Ariel, but his fellow, feathered cpmrades had their own agenda regarding the alligator boy. Just then, all of the scattered bones began to tremble. The witch was pissed! She used the collection of bones to resurrect a frightening Tyranosaurus Rex with an insatiable hunger. The Skeletal Model instantly began chomping its way through everything. Wood splinters, black feathers, and even leftover minion meat went flying in every direction. It was taking just about all of the witch's power to possess the beast, but she didn't care. All she wanted was the ones who wronged her to die in agony. She felt her control slipping, though, so she joined her spirit with the beast in a desperate attemt to carry out the destruction of Ariel and her friends. At first, she felt a newfound strength and was about to tear Edgar and the other remaing birds apart, but then she stopped suddenly. Edgar saw a familiar look in her eyes as she fell over in a convulsive fit. Just like Ariel, the witch transformed into a mostly human woman and was completely unresponsive. The Impurist Animatronics Everyday Is Halloween Blurred Visions Nightmares And Dreamscapes Selective Focus Choice EyeEm Vision Jurassicworld Musical Photos Melo Out! With one last Grin , Spike decided his life as a comedian was over. He didn’t know what tomorrow would bring, but he felt like slipping into oblivion and putting his fate in the wind to carry him to a better place. Before he passed out, he wondered if all of these thoughts were just the alcohol in his system. He drifted off with a visualization of a singing mermaid. The Purist Sexyselfie EyeEm Animal Lover American Alligator All Smiles One Animal Reptile Close-up Reptile Revolution Perspectives On Nature Musical Photos Melo Out! Wolf Fest 2017