Taisei Hokan Byobu-ezu [Eraly - Late Edo Period] Arts Culture And Entertainment Art, Drawing, Creativity ビョウブリウム Artaquarium Taisei Hokan Hyobu-ezu, Taking the Lead from Kano Tanyu - considered to be the founder of Kano school - this place, which expresses the Edo era, incorporates “Chikuringunko-zu( Tigers in the Bamboo Grove) “ and “Matsutaka-zu(Hawk and Pine), drawn in Niji-jo Castle where the Restoration of Imperial Rule was held. Quote source Art Aquarium Castle ~Kyoto, Dance of Kingyo~ Taisei hokan 150th Anniversary. Nijo-jo Castle, Kyoto Projection Mapping Goldfish In Water Folding Screen Black Background Lowlightphotography Snapshot < 大政奉還屏風絵図(江戸初期-末期)> 京都市  元離宮二条城 大政奉還150周年記念 アートアクアリウム2017 アートアクアリウム城〜京都・金魚の舞〜