Moon Over Bridge

A few nights ago while driving around Fiesta Island, I spotted the moon over a bridge. So I stopped and took a quick snap of it. I take photos of anything I see, and I always use "manual mode". I learned to use my camera on my own without any knowledge of it. If you love something, you just keep playing with it even if the outcome does not look right at all. You don't even feel any failures. You just get back up and try another way to just make it happen. Just keep trying and trying and keep trying different ingredients (exposure length, ISO, aperture, etc) and mixtures until you are satisfied enough on what you create. Gladly, cameras are not heavy so it doesn't really take a lot of muscle to learn it. Imagine if it was a heavy equipment. I'm sure I'd give up a lot sooner. This photo is directly from my other girlfriend, my Canon SL1. Hehe. I wish I knew how to use lightroom and/or photoshop. I'm sure I can create something awesome and I'm sure you can as well. I love taking photos. Bridges California Fiesta Island, San Diego, CA Mission Bay Park Moon Over Bridge Moon Over Water At Night Night Photography No Edits No Filters Reflections On The Water San Diego After Sunset Beauty In Nature Colorful Reflections Illuminate Canon_5D_MarkII Scenics 2017 Manual Mode Photography Moonlight Nightscape October 2016 Be. Ready. Colour Your Horizn California Dreamin