Mission Pet Hospital

Doc slipping in and out of conciousness. He is recovering after being sedated for x-rays. Doc had some x-rays done to see what is going on with him. He also had blood and urine test drawn. Results concluded that he has High levels of cortisol, a Tracheal Collapse and (we already knew) a Heart murmur.Β  🐢😴πŸ˜₯ Labrador San Francisco Pet Canine Dog Labrador Retriever Sleeping EyeEm Selects Pets Dog Close-up Black Labrador Retriever
Oh no....the vet says Doc has a broken heart πŸ’” 😒 Eye Em A Dog Dog Pet Pets Domestic Animals Black Labrador Indoors  Looking At Camera Close-up Sad Eyes Animal Themes Veterinarian Broken Heart